Dear Customer

After 25 years we must unfortunately quit our business because of age. We have no successor so we must refer you to our supplier. So if you have any new orders or questions please contact:

Nitto Jushi Kogyo CO., LTD, Mr. Atsushi Yamada, NO. 9-29, Hiratsuka 2 Chome SHINAGAWA-KU, TOKYO 142-0051, JAPAN

Tel: 0081 3 3783 3121

Fax: 0081 3 3787 1281

 Clarex High-Performance Display, Enhancement Components

♦ Mobile phones
  we can supply with tough scratch free windows
♦ GPS terminals
  you can read the display even in bright sunshine
♦ Dashboards
  we can color and illuminate to match your design
♦ Effective backlights
  improved ...